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Tristan Baker

Tristan Baker

Reliability Engineer, Lockheed Martin
Tristan Baker is a reliability engineer with 7 years of experience in reliability and production. He began his career in the Marine Corps as an intelligence officer. After finishing active duty, he began his reliability journey in the food and beverage industry. Tristan started with Nestle Waters, at a bottling facility as a maintenance supervisor. He managed the maintenance planning, purchasing and storeroom functions. In this role, he utilized a combination of predictive maintenance, traditional time-based replacements and reactive maintenance strategies. From maintenance, he transitioned to a production supervisor. In production, he was able to achieve a 28% increase in OEE through the use of TPM methodologies and continued partnership with the maintenance department. a short time later he was promoted to be the continuous improvement manager for the facility. Tristan trained the production and maintenance crew in the application of standard work, continuous improvement and basic problem solving. He additionally trained a selected group in DMAIC and SMED methodologies. By the time Tristan left, the factory had improved from mid-50% OEE to 79.4% OEE. Tristan then took a position at Lockheed Martin and has been a part of the A4 project, which is focused on improving maintenance practices. He has been working there for 2 years, having completed his Reliability and Maintainability Implementation Certification. He is also part of an effort to better utilize machine data in support of maintenance and production. Tristan lives in California, with his wife, Casey. They enjoy hiking, traveling and SCUBA diving.



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