Roger Hucker

Roger Hucker

Principal Consultant, Improved Production Capability
In 1974, Roger Hucker graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering. In the same year, he took a job with the DuPont Company as a manufacturing supervisor at one of DuPont's nylon manufacturing sites. The Arab Oil Embargo reduced the number of new cars being purchased in 1975, which led to the reduction of production at DuPont's nylon sites and hence Roger's transfer to DuPont's headquarters in Wilmington, DE, as an electrical design engineer. During the next 4 years, Roger really enjoyed his job, as Roger states, "It was very enjoyable to see my design come to fruition." Over time, Roger had 17 different jobs with DuPont; some of these were: maintenance supervisor, electrical design manager, maintenance manager, operations manager and site manager. Roger's most unusual "second" job was working for DuPont and the Department of Nuclear Energy simultaneously. Yet the most enjoyable and rewarding job was Roger's last job - as a corporate maintenance and reliability consultant for almost 20 years. Roger led the implementation of a work management process and CMMS across five sites during his career as a maintenance manager. The implementation was more successful than expected due to the involvement of the sites' mechanics and operators. During this effort, the sites put maintenance planners and store room personnel into place following a new work management processes. As a corporate consultant, he helped improve productivity, uptime and reliability. He was the author of the maintenance scheduling process using SAP-PM. He also taught global DuPont personnel the value of and use of all steps of the maintenance work management processes. To assist the plant sites, Roger also conducted maintenance and reliability assessments across global sites, leading these sites to improved functionality of the maintenance and reliability of process equipment. Roger was also known for his use of The Manufacturing Game to help his clients understand the value of reliability. In one case, Roger's knowledge and experience was able to prevent a major and long-term customer from purchasing its raw material elsewhere. Roger also represented DuPont in the North-American organization Maintenance Excellence Roundtable (MER). Roger retired from DuPont in 2015 and is currently the principal consultant of the Improved Production Capability - Consulting firm seen at ipc-consultants.com



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