Owe Forsberg

Owe Forsberg

Senior Management Consultant, IDCON INC
Owe Forsberg is a Senior Consultant advising and coaching people who work in process plants, manufacturing and facilities to improve overall production reliability and effectiveness. Prior to becoming an IDCON Consultant for asset reliability Owe worked as Manager of Supply Chain, Director of Purchasing in Americas, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, and as a Marine Engineer in ships for a total of 30 years. Owe has experience improving reliability, and operations efficiency at a specialty chemical company, some key accomplishments: ' Improving equipment and process reliability ' Awarded the North American Maintenance Excellence award ' Major improvement in product off-spec ' Automate manual processes ' Move from batch to continuous processing ' Developing sourcing strategies Global leadership role for: ' Center of excellence in reliability and maintenance ' Lean Flow and tools ' GMP program and audits ' Make to order strategy ' ISO program ' Reliability strategy Eliminating annual plant shutdowns ' Organizational development and performance management As a consultant Owe provides assessments and implementation of best practice work processes within reliability and maintenance by coaching, giving advice and provide training for clients. The key processes include: ' Leadership and organization ' Maintenance management ' Work management, planning and scheduling ' Preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, and essential care ' Materials management ' Root cause problem elimination ' Technical database management ' Skills and development ' Engineering interface with maintenance and operations Owe enjoys travel, fishing, biking, playing hockey, watching his favorite hockey team in Raleigh, and ride his motor cycle. Owe is available for consultation on how to improve reliability and maintenance.



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