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Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon

Director, Business Services, Jefferson County Public Schools
Gordon has worked for Jefferson County Public Schools since 1989, in various roles. In 2007, he managed the project from an IT perspective to move from an old mainframe solution to Maximo. In 2001, he transferred over from IT to our Business Services department to begin business process revisions throughout the departments under business services. The organization also then decided to move from Maximo to PeopleSoft Maintenance Management, as the cost of operating Maximo increased after the purchase by IBM and the effort to keep the interfaces/integrations between Maximo and PS Financial in sync was very expensive and time-consuming. During that project, the organization also began the business process changes that were needed. He began managing the facilities service desk and warehouse teams and has brought data management and business process workflow to a new level within the entire facilities department. Jefferson County Public Schools has reduced labor cost, increased productivity and reduced average response time for repairs from 4 months to less than 20 days per work order, with many under five days. Jefferson County Public Schools are now entering to the next phase of improvements with the use of IoT devices and integrated PM inspection reporting. The organization will be continuing with improvements and data analysis as they move forward into the future.



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