Larry Bryant, CMRP

Larry Bryant, CMRP

Director of Reliability, Domtar
Graduated from Vincennes University in 1984 with an AS degree in Electronics Technology Began as an EI Technician from 1984 to 1996. - During which time I served as a union vice-president of the local union. - Promoted to EI Supervisor in 1996 and served in that role until 1998 - Promoted to Maintenance Superintendent. I served in that role until 2003 - Served as Maintenance Manager until 2013. - In 2013 Domtar created a new role for corporate Director of Reliability which I was promoted into and where I serve now. I've been blessed to work with some of the greats of the previous generation, as well as see some of the next generation talent entering our industry. All of this during a time when companies moved from skilled trades, to more generalized trades, and now finding the right mix between these two extremes. Aligning the skills with the needs and the expectations of our company's leadership have been both an exciting and rewarding time. When it's done right, everyone feels they were a contributor to the successes, and are proud of the improvements. Ownership becomes real, and success continues to grow ' all involved understand there is no end goal, only the opportunity to learn and get better. True partnerships between leadership and employees, vendors and contractors, training partners and support services, and internal departments are the key to success. There are many new tools that can be used ' the key is to use the tools you select, not always be on the lookout for the next great tool. - Provided alignment across all levels of Domtar ' from the Corporate Level to the Floor - Implemented with excitement, the processes and systems, that have improved our assets performance to achieve new record levels of success - Empowered and improved how we engage our employees in making our success, and building for the future



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