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Drew Troyer

Drew Troyer

Principal, T.A. Cook
Drew D. Troyer, CRE is a principal with T.A. Cook Consultants. He is a reliability engineer and globally recognized thought leader in the area of asset management with more than 25 years of experience. An award-winning author, he has written more than 200 books, articles and technical papers on the subject and is a regularly featured keynote speaker at events around the world. As a workshop leader, he's taught thousands of students on various aspects of reliability engineering and the business of equipment asset management. He is equally at home on the plant floor working with the equipment to improve reliability through practice improvement as he is in the board room driving hard for improved proactive equipment asset management policies. As a consultant, he has advised hundreds of major industrial clients around the world. Drew holds Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE), Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) and MBA qualifications. Drew is currently pursuing a master's degree in sustainability at Harvard University to support of his passion for environmental conservation and his keen interest in sustainable manufacturing. He is a founding editor of The RAM Review (Reliability-Availability-Maintenance). His columns are "Focus on FLAB with Precision Maintenance," "Plant Reliability in Dollars & $ense," "The Sustainable Plant" and "STO Best Practices." Subscribe at



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