Denis Medina Llontop, CMRP

Denis Medina Llontop, CMRP

Electrical Mechanical Engineer, Repsol
Denis Medina is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Mechanical Engineering at the Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University of Lambayeque. He has been involved in the management of assets and maintenance activities in the Oil & Gas sector throughout his career of over 15 years. At the beginning of his career he was responsible for the integral maintenance of the storage and distribution of fuel plants along the coast of Peru. His works intervened pumping equipment, automated dispatch to fuel tankers, calibration of flow meters and doing research to analyse the variation in the measurement of diesel according to the change in its viscosity, that enabled selection of the right type of meter. Subsequently he assumed the maintenance management of the generation system, process plant and surface equipment of the oil extraction locations in the northern jungle of Peru. He prioritized the maintenance based on condition of the rotating equipment with excellent results in the availability and reliability indicators. Finally, he assumed the position of Reliability Engineer in the cryogenic gas plant of Peru; having as priority the implementation of a precision maintenance program specially oriented to the elimination of gas leaks. The program was oriented in collaboration with the client in response to the elaborated root cause analysis. He is constantly striving for continuous improvement through preparation to provide the best support to professionals in the Oil & Gas sector that in turn ensures safe reliable installations and operations. Recognizing the need for improvement in craft skills and procedures he has recently devoted a large share of his time to collaborative efforts in development of precise work instructions with follow up training and hands on coaching for the workforce. These efforts have enabled many improvements for major oil and gas operator in Peru. One key accomplishment of these efforts is significant reduction of leaks for a major oil and gas operator in Peru. He has 3 children. His hobbies are beach fishing and swimming. He enjoys the company of his family.



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