Alfred DeVaux, CMRP

Alfred DeVaux, CMRP

Reliability Engineer, APTIM
Alfred DeVaux is a Reliability Engineer Specialist who has been involved and taken the lead in Asset Management/Reliability Services for most of his career. Early in his career he worked as a field engineer on construction projects advancing to the superintendent level on various projects involving foundation and steel erection of tankage and pressure vessels. His responsibilities in this phase of his career included quality assurance, doing radiographic weld inspection. Other responsibilities were layout work to ensure components of the project fit the first time and working as a fitter/welder when needed. Later and until present he has served chemical, oil and gas, mining and fertilizer industries with various reliability engineering and management services. In his endeavors he seeks and obtains not only reliability, but also efficiency of work plans and equipment. He holds CMRP and CRL certifications and certifications in the fields of Vibration, Lubrication, and Infrared Technology. His hands-on experience allows him to be a reliable link between the man on the shop floor and upper management. He is considered by his peers to be a professional in the areas of Reliability Centered Maintenance and Root Cause Analysis. He has managed and contributed to success of several turnarounds. His background includes a vast experience and knowledge of fixed and rotating equipment. He is often the 'go to' person when difficult situations arise. For the past 20 years one of his main focuses has been to eliminate leaks. His efforts and leadership have contributed to reducing high leak rates to zero for many of his employers and clients. These achievements enabled them to stay within the environmental and safety requirements needed to continue operation. By employing well defined procedures and training for the work force he has been successful in enabling his associates and clients to take full advantage of their resources to bring safety and production to their highest potential. He is a BSME graduate of Louisiana State University. He is engaged in a very happy relationship with his wife of 44 years. He has 4 children, and 6 grandchildren. His hobbies are home improvement, all aspects of sports, fishing, and learning new skills for his professional career.



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