Alan Berman

Alan Berman

Executive Director, DRI Foundation
Alan Berman Al is an MBCP, a past President and CEO for Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI International) and the current President of the DRI Foundation. During his career, he has been President of Major US Bank Subsidiary, CIO for a Major Trust Company, National Practice Leader for Operational Resiliency (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Global Business Continuity Management practice leader (Marsh) and Program Director for BCM for a Major Healthcare organization. He has served on Homeland Security Standards Panel, US congressional committee Project for National Security Reform, ANSI-ANAB Council of Experts, NYC Partnership for Risk Management and Security, and Chair for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation committee to create the new standard for the US Private Sector Preparedness Act (PS-Prep). He has worked with governments in the US, Middle East, Latin America, and Asia to create standards and regulations. His career in cybersecurity spans 4 decades from being part of a US government tiger team vested with the responsibility of finding floors in networks and systems, to creating security systems used by IBM and other major system's developers, to serving on government committees and he serves as an adviser to companies and governments around the world on such issues as; resilience, business continuity, disaster recovery, geopolitical risk, and cybersecurity. His articles and interviews have been on TV, radio, printed media and online publications around the world.



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