Registration Rates


Registration Rates

Registration Rates 

Member/Non-Member Categories  Early Bird (before August 30) Regular (After August 30)
Individual Member $1000.00 $1,200.00
Group: Individual Member (6-19 attendees) $900.00 $1,100
Group: Individual Member (20+ attendees) $825.00 $1025.00
Executive Member Individual
(Enhanced, Super, or Premium)
$975.00 $1,175.00
Group: Individual Member (20+ attendees) $875.00 $1,075.00
Group: Executive Member (20+ attendees) $800.00 $1,000.00
Individual Non-Member $1,155.00 $1,355.00
Group: Individual Non-member (6-19 attendees) $1,055.00 $1,255.00
Group: Individual Non-member (20+ attendees) $980.00 $1,180.00
Non-Member Conference Registration + Plus 1 Year Individual Dues $1,155.00 $1,355.00
Group: Non-member plus dues (6-19 attendees) $1,055.00 $1,255.00
Group: Non-member plus dues (20+) $980.00 $1,180.00

Early Bird Rate ends Friday, August 30, 2019.

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Convince Your Boss

The SMRP 27th Annual Conference provides unprecedented value for professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills while generating meaningful business connections. To help attendees articulate this value to managers, SMRP has provided the following step-by-step guide and sample justification letter to assist prospective attendees in making the case for attending the Annual Conference.

Step 1: Assess Your Challenges & Identify Conference Objectives
Before making the case for attending Annual Conference, think about the issues or challenges your plant is facing now. Consider how attending Conference and taking part in select programming may offer solutions to these issues.

Step 2: Create a Conference Schedule
Once you have an idea of the learnings you’d like to walk away with, review the track sessions, workshops, facility tours and exhibitor listings to create your personalized schedule. Make sure your schedule speaks to the issues you’ve already identified.

Step 3: Make the Case
Explain how taking workshops, sitting in on track sessions, meeting with exhibitors and networking with peers will not only provide immediate solutions to the problems you’re facing now, but also help to develop your skills as a professional – preventing future issues and adding to the overall success of your team.


Download Sample Justification Letter                The ROI on Attending Annual Conference 



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